Wild West Turkey Trot 5K

Website: http://www.calicoracing.com/


Inaugural Event 


Thanksgiving morning my brother-in-law Matt and I headed up to Equestrain Park in Henderson. He did not participate in the race but wanted to go anyway. He is a pretty good runner so I will admit I felt a bit of pressure then not to take my sweet time to get this one done. Besides, I still had some baking left to do before we headed out for dinner. 


I honestly had zero expectations on this race. I just wanted to get up on Thanksgiving and do something I love to do and enjoy the experience. I did exactly that. I got up, put on my awesome Gobble Gobble socks on from Sox Box, and once Matt was there we headed out. By the way, those got me some kudos both before and during the race. If you were behind me you would see two little turkeys onthe back of my legs too. 


The course for this race is pretty straightforward. The first portion of the race is hilly, but not terrible, and is super nice on the way back to the finish when you hit an easy downhill. However, it is precisely during the uphill portion of any race for me that I struggle the most, the first mile to mile and a half. After the first aid station, which I did pass on for water since I had some on my belt, I started to feel like I was hitting my stride and my breathing was finally evening out. I told myself to keep cool, and just kept on moving in a steady manner.


I kept my ipod off the entire race and barely looked at my watch after that. At one point a woman that I had been playing tag with said to me that I was helping her keep pace beause she kept seeing me in front of her and wanted to keep me in her eyesight. After that last time though I knew I was not letting her past me again. I was on a mission. 


About .2 miles from the finish Matt came out to run me in, which I think spurned me on to keep kicking when I was getting tired. I saw the finish and saw that I might beat my best time from 2012. I shouted over to Matt that I was going for it. I was pretty sure I had when I crossed over the finish line but it was finally confirmed when I went on the wesbite and looked at the results.


I only got my PR by a few seconds but I was more happy that my pace had been better than a lot of my training runs lately and that I also placed 5th in my age group. I think my goal for will be that - to place in the top three of my age group at some point next year. 

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