Surf City Half Marathon 2014



February 1, 2015




If you every get a chance to run this course, at least once, you must add it to your running bucket list. When my friend, Surf City Ambassador, approached me to attend this event with her at first I was only going to go as a spectator. Then, after much thought and consideration I decided that I had to run it. My husband and I did the Pacific Coast Drive a few years ago and fell in love with the spectacular views on this stretch of highway. So, I bucked down and registered. This race was a mere two weeks from the Star War Half Marathon and the first time in two years that I ran half marathons in this way.



After running the Disney courses I knew I wanted to run with purpose on this course. My last race was more than 10 minutes off my personal best for this distance. I knew I wanted to try for a PR this year but thought I still had much more work in the gym and conditioning to do before that would happen.



Since we just came back from Star Wars we didn't purchase much at the expo but did talk to a few race representatives about upcoming races. I was hoping to make a few connections for races I want to do that offered ambassadorship and of the ones we spoke to the Hot Chocolate r 15K was the one that seems most promising.


I did pick up some cool decals for my car (like I needed more) and a box of Island Boost.


Race Day:

Our hotel, the Doubletree, offered a shuttle to and from the course so we did not have to worry about parking.


The course is extremely well supported and planned out. From volunteers to staff the event had more than enough resources available to help those running stay on track.


I have to say I felt really comfortable. I knew Angela was going to go ahead of me so I just did what I planned. Stuck to my intervals as much as possible for the first 6 miles. The next two miles I maintained a slower pace to hopefully save some energy for the end.


I made sure to properly fuel and hydrate throughout the race which is something I did not do well during the Star War Half.


Funny side story: At about mile 6 I heard a woman say, "Those pants are cool! She can totally just put on boots after the race and go out in those." I looked around to see who she as talking about and just then she caught up to me, and waved as she went by, yelling "Love the pants!" I got a few compliments on them both before and post-race.


At mile 8 I did get that annoying feeling again in my left leg. I slowly hydrated so as to not overdo it and did shorten my run to walk interval for a short time. It was getting quite hot by this time so the sun was a factor too in how I was feeling.


I saw the pier that Angela told me to lookout for so I knew that the finish was not far. I just kept on plugging away. In my mind I didn't think I was close to getting the PR so I just relaxed. I didn't slow down, instead if you look at my pace I did manage to increase it even if marginally. I felt great despite my leg issue. I kept looking to my right and was just blown away by being able to run this race so close to the ocean and was in awe of the marathoners that I saw along the way. There was one gentleman slowly trotting his way in FULL fireman's gear. I had to yell to him "Kudos dude!" as I passed by. He looked beat so I hope a little encouragement helped him.


I finished feeling strong, tired but strong, and was happy that I took on this challenge. I didn't know it at the time but I did PR this distance after nearly 2 years. My best prior to that was my first half marathon at Tinkerbell which was in 2012.


After the race, my friend and I had some fun at the beach. It never felt so good to rip my sneakers off and just let the cool water rush over my legs. Ahhhmazing!

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