St. George Island, FL

Every now and then you just need a getaway, even if only for a few days. If you are looking for a way to rest and avoid the hustle and bustle then St. George Island in Florida may just be what you are looking for. St. George Island is an island off the Florida Panhandle in the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is about 5 1/2 hours away from the Great Atlanta area by car. This was a girls trip, geared towards having some very laid back chill time on the beach. It did not disappoint. 

Restaurants Visited: 

Paddy's Raw Bar - This restaurant hails itself as a sunny place for shady people but can also claim great atmosphere and service. I had a hot dogs and chip with a Guinness and followed that with a key lime pie which was delicious. They had lots of cool signs & flag hanging up (including one for Manchester United) and even had a path made entirely of shucked oyster shells (one way to recycle!). 


Blue Parrot Ocean Front Cafe - I unfortunately cannot speak for the food as I only had a beer and French fries since I had a large lunch at the house. However, the ocean view it offers make it worth a stop. Plus, it was a great place for us to hang out and relax. 

Aunt Ebby's Ice Cream - when you spend the day at the beach sometimes you just need some ice cream to cool off and take it all in. After lunch at Subway we stopped by Aunt Ebby's and I got a double dip of the coffee flavored ice cream and it totally hit the spot after an all day session on the hot sand. 






In the evenings, before heading to dinner, we had appetizers and drinks courtesy of Chef Liz (one of the amazing ladies I vacationed with). There was a pool in the backyard and after a day at the beach we sometimes just floated in the pool or hung out while we waited to leave for the evening. 

Again, this was really meant to be 100% relaxation as opposed to a touristy type trip so often the days were spent lounging on the beach, collecting shells and spending time in the ocean. I spotted several pods of dolphins, pelicans that flew overhead, and enjoyed the nicest beach I have been to in some time.


The Verdict

You Really Must Go Here

If you are fortunate enough to be in Ireland, make a stop to the Guinness Storehouse. Your inner beer geek will love the tour, the steps involved in pouring this stout, and the bonus drink from the best view of Dublin. 

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