I am usually the first person to say progress in any fitness journey does not begin or end with the scale. It may just start with the Skulpt Aim. This handheld device uses a very weak electrical current that "moves through the skin, the subcutaneous fat, and the muscle, it loses a little bit of energy due to the resistance of the tissue and this change is then measured by the two inner electrodes. “In essence it is able to measure" two separate features of the tissue: its resistive properties and its capacitive properties." The Skulpt Aim not only tests body fat, but also muscle quality (MQ).


Why should this measure be more important than what pounds are, or are not, dropping when on the scale? Simple. We have ALL heard the myth that muscle weighs more than fat. It "weighs" the same, however, measuring your MQ along with your body fat percentage allows you to see how fit you are truly becoming. You may be losing fat but gaining muscle. Your scale may not move up and down to reflect that hard work but your MQ and BF percentages will give you a far better gauge of how you are progressing over time.


How does it work? Let me break that down for you.



1. Take it out of the box and charge the device for about 8 hours before use.

2. Download the free app on your phone, and follow the instructions to take the measurements. The device links up to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. (App is available on Itunes and Google Play Store)

Compensation - I received one Skulpt Aim via

Retail Price - $199.99 plus tax

Website -

Spritzing the Device
Spritzing the Device

3. Since the device has sensors, they need to be sprayed with water (small spritz bottle is provided), before you put it on the muscle for a reading. Don't worry it does not hurt at all. 

4. Follow the easy prompts on the device or go here for easy to follow YouTube videos: 

Skulpt Me YouTube Channel

5. Sync your results to your Skulpt Aim app. 



  • Allows for Multiple Users

  • Bluetooth Makes Syncing Easy & Fast

  • Keeps record of all your Measurements

  • Technical Support answered questions quickl



  • The spray bottle that is provided is rather small which is nice for travel but if you are using the device frequently you tend to need to refill it a lot.

  • I had some trouble getting my device to work. I finally figure out it was operator error. The device does come with brief instructions but the best ones are on the website. 


Overall, this device is one I have been looking for. I am now seeing gradual progress (these things do take time you know). I feel that I have a better handle on how well I am doing and where, exactly, I need to focus.