Scavenger Dash

On Saturday, November 8, 2015 my friend Angela and I completed a unique foot race, at least to date. It was the Scavenger Dash, an urban race across town in search of solving twelve clues. We checked in at PBR and got our race bib. At noon, we began by finding our clue sheet at the Stipper Bar and took a few moments to solve the clues so we had all of the locations plotted out before heading on our way. The toughest clue to crack was the mandatory clue which consisted of a binary code that we had to translate into the location. It was really time consuming even with the app that I downloaded to help solve it. The other was me trying to figure out where I saw the Fortune Teller display from big and we found it by me remembering it was by the sports memorbilia store. We googled that and it was how we learned it was at Caesars. Yikes!


Once we mapped out the spots we headed to the farthest one away which was the one we solved for the binary code. Before that we decided to knock off the chaulk outline and yours truly borrowed some items from a coffee shop in order to do so.


Once that was finished we headed towards Vegas Indoor Skydiving on the far end of the strip. We ran at points that allowed for that or to get around pedestrians. Along the way we stopped at a Walgreens to get our required toiletries (donated to 3Square). We stopped at the Linq to get our Polaroid shot of Andy Warhol in the museum. We ran in to the craziest dude that keep trying to get is to do lunge. I will forever remember "Lunge with Me! Lunge with Me!"


We ended up running in to him two more times, the last about 2 hours later and at the other end of the strip. Weird. 


After that we completed our challenge by finding two random strangers to do the Heisman pose with us. Our pose was a little off but close enough to seal the deal. We then booked it to our farthest point and once there we had to tie belts to our waists, joined together by a rope tied in knots. Angela killed it at this challenge and solved it rather quickly. 


We then head back towards the Fashion Show Mall and along the way found our Broncos fan thanks to Angela's quick eye. At the mall we found the spoon we needed and got a stranger to take our picture with it.


Despite tired legs from running, walking, hiking up and down stairs/escaltors....we soldiered on. It was off to Caesars next to find the fortune teller and get our fortune (we never did end up reading it before we turned it in). Once we collected our firtune we ran to Monte Carlo and apparently were spotted by one of the race organizers thanks to our crazy leggings. He took a picture of us running and sent it to the finish line. 


At Monte Carlo we got our picture with the Blue Man Group and then bolted to New York, New York to get our next picture with the street sign on Bleecker Street.


Knowing we had one more task to complete we hustled to the Hooters Casino and got the last picture with the Underbird. 


Having all of our clues in hand we bolted to our finish line at the same point we began at PBR. We finished in about 3 hours and 20 minutes (unofficial). Needless to say, we deserved a nice lunch and an adult beverage to tap off a fun afternoon. 


It really was a blast to do this race and I would recommend that any runner take this one on just to do something different. Just don't do it the day before a big race like we did. ;-)

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