I purchased this product on my own.

I was pretty excited to come across this etsy shop on Facebook. I am not really sure how it happened but I think it was because another runner posted a link to the shop's Facebook offer that was running at the time. Regardless, after having a few runs with my now 3 year old Castle, I was ready for something that I could use that would allow me to keep me hands free. One reason I have started using the treadmill more was because I have had to run a lot more at night. Living in Vegas, well, I don't always feel comfortable doing that alone. I usually stick to parks but I always feel a bit anxious on my own. There is also the need to get Castle exercise too since I don't take him the the dog park like I used to.


A bit of info about the product. These are hand made and can be made to order through contacting the seller on etsy. I chose the Special Edition Camo version (for my manly dog - LOL) which cost $24.49 and just saw that they also have a key fob ($4.99) which I may pick up at some point. They are made of a sturdy nylon material and have a trigger hook which was also heavy duty.


This afternoon I took the Run Blue Doggy out for a trial run. It did take a bit for both Castle and me to get used to. He gets very excited when he first starts out so he was all over the place. I admit my right ankle is a bit sore from dodging him but once we both got the hang of it the rest of the run went well. I learned how to use my body language to keep him on one side and if he did stray I was able to maneuver without much effort. I felt zero rubbing or discomfort with the belt that was attached around my waist and was able to easily grab a hold of the leash if another dog  or person walked by.


We ended up running for 2 miles and I am planning on taking him out with this leash again for longer and longer runs. If you are a runner and would like to take your pup out for runs but hate the cumbersome feeling of holding onto a leash,  this is definitely going to be a product you will love.


Check them out on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RunBlueDoggy

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