Rock-N-Roll Marathon, Las Vegas (2014)


In November of 2014 I volunteered with the Penn State Vegas alumni club (my ex-husband was the alumnus) and the rest of the clubs belonging to the Big 10 Clubs of Las Vegas which hosted Water Station #7 for both the 10K and Half Marathon distances. We met at Bar Bistro in the Art District of Downtown Las Vegas for a few drinks before heading to our station. 

It was during this time that I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Yes you read that correctly. The impact of this incident was not felt until later on when I got home. I had thought that since I ripped off my case and dried/cleaned the phone off (very little water since I grabbed it fast - toilet was CLEAN by the way). 

At 3:30 we were due at our station which was co-hosted by some local high students. We unloaded our truck and got busy setting up the tables with rows and stacks of water cups filled from several water buffalos that we had at our location. Since most of that was handled I decided to put my pom poms to good use. After setting up Kristy's speaker to my Pandora (not remembering the incident with the phone) we played 6 1/2 hours of tunes for runners and walkers as they passed by. 

I danced around like a fool. Yelling cheesy cheers and running alongside some runners to say "Hi" and to encourage them to keep on going. 

"If you're happy and you know it, raise your hands" was a common one I used and lo' and behold a lot of runners raised their hands up and cheered. I was told later that some people as they came back around (at their mile 10) were saying "Hey, we made it back to the Penn State cheerleader!"

I also had a few people yell "WE ARE..." so naturally I yelled back "PENN STATE". 

I was determined that no matter what I was staying until the very last runner or walker passed me by and kept up the enthusiasm for each and every person that passed me. I even got to FINALLY met Faebook pal and fellow runner Beth and her FB pal Jennifer! By the way, Beth ran the Avengers Half Marathon in Disney that morning and immediately flew to Vegas to make this race. AWESOME!!!

After about 9:30 PM the last of the runnners/walkers were through so we cleaned up some of the cups before heading home. The cleanup crew was coming by then and were taking it from there. Despite the cold I wasn't really chilly until I started to ealk back to my car.

It was truly a fun night and I hope my crazy antics made water station #7 a bit more enjoyable and memorable for those that passed through. If you have not volunteered at at race I encourage you to do so. It is fun and rewarding! 

PS. I forgot about dunking my phone, so after 6 hours of being in use, the battery was low. I naturally plugged it but it wouldn't charge and THAT was the exact moment I remembered I dropped it in water. I esentially fried it at that point and had to get a replacement. Still worth it though. It played music for that entire length of time and didn't quit. 

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