I received RIBZ Front Pack for free from RIBZwear.com as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations.

Current Retail Price: $59.95


A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to test out the RIBZ front pack. Last weekend I took the pack out for a hike I was taking with my dog. This was an ideal trip to use the pack. I was by myself and I had to have a free hand, sometimes two, to keep my dog on track. I also did not want to wear a heavy back pack on a hot day (it was close to 90 degrees by my hike time) as it can wear me down and become quite uncomfortable.


Castle and I headed to Calico Springs, which is located next to Red Rock Canyon. The pack was an asset. On one side, I had my digital camera. Normally I have to put my camera in my backpack which makes it difficult to stop, take off the back pack and use the camera. With the RIBZ front pack I could use one had to unzip the pack and grab the camera. The pics you see here were all taken with my iPhone which I could safely store in one of the zipper pockets on the front of the pack.


Two sides to the pack, each with a zipper pocket on front.

The front pockets zipper together, like a vest or jacket.

Can easily distribute the weight on each side.

Packs up in a nice water resistant nylon bag.


"A front pack is a pack or bag that allows for access of equipment from the person’s chest. Front packs first and foremost allow for easy access of gear without the removal of any equipment. In many adventures and outdoor activities it can be critical to the sport to have the ability to reach essential gear fast without the removal of a backpack. Simplicity is the foremost purpose of the front pack but there are many additional benefits as well".


Easily Accessible Pockets

Easily Stored in Nylon Bag Provided

Hands Free Capability without a heavy backpack, but allows you to use a backpack as well if need to heavy hiking, etc.




Color Selection: I would like some more choices other than Alpine (what I received) & Camo, Stealth and Grey

Straps, the front sides were easily adjustable but I did have trouble with the back straps, not as much leeway there to tighten it.

Despite the color selection, the strap issue I had, and the price, the product was super handy to have. If you are like me and hate being bogged down with a heavy back pack on hikes, especially of you have a dog, this item will be an asset to have at your disposable. I loved the easy access to things I needed. I also liked that I could have my hands free the rest of the time to hold on to my dog and to have fun with him too. Great product.

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