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Retail Price - $11.99 

"The Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush offers the same water-removing benefits of the QuikStyle Paddle Brush in a new styling shape. Super absorbent microfiber bristles interact with wet hair like a towel removing 30% of water, while the half-round shape makes it the perfect blow-out brush. Use it out of the shower to detangle, remove excess water, and style with or without a blow-dryer. The convex half-round shape allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body as you blow-dry. The Comfort-flex grip and slim profile offer ease and control during your styling routine. Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever!" - Per Goody Website


They may have something here. Normally I wash my hair every other day. Since I moved to the Vegas desert climate in 2007 I noticed a definite change in the texture of my hair. It is not brittle or unhealthy but gets drier, and in the winter, that equals to more static. It gets so bad sometimes with the static that I must keep Static Guard on hand to deal with it. The first time I used the Half-Round Styler Brush I had to take a minute or two to figure out how to detangle my hair first. I decided to use my regular hairbrush just to get through that part of the process. Now that I have used the brush a few times that is not necessary now. I did time the amount of drying with the brush and ended up at 4:05.4 minutes. I used the regular process (my hands and that old brush) and it was closer to 7 minutes. Not a HUGE difference but here is where I was sold.... LESS. STATIC. 

I am guessing that the microfibers in the brush help keep the static from building up so my hair ended up smoother and a bit shinier too. Win!

Hey Goody .... Consider me a fan!

My tip:

When done using the brush, with bristles facing down, lightly tap against a hard surface to make the microfibers bounce back up. This way it is ready for your next use. 

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