Why Choose INKnBURN Running Gear?

First and foremost let me say that I was just recently selected to represent INKnBURN as an Ambassador after running in their gear for about 5+ years. This is not going to be one of those reviews from an Ambassador that is just touting their discount code in an attempt to get you to buy the product. I applied to be an Ambassador because I truly believe in the company and believe they have the best designs in running gear out there.

INKnBURN, based out of California, jumped in to my Facebook feed a few years ago. I saw the design LUST on a pair of capris and kept going back to the page to look at them. The price tag was daunting, yes. However, I decided that I wanted to ask for some for the for a birthday or holiday gift (not sure which all these years later) and was given a gift card. I purchased those capris and a matching camisole. I still have and wear both items. I eventually added the LUST singlet to the family a few months later. I have added several designs since then including this patritoic design which I also still have and wear frequently. In fact here is the Instagram post of that design dated May 27, 2014.

Here is the reality - any fabric can pull or wear over time. It is to be expected especially if you are training every year and racing in the same gear. The reason INKnBURN is a good investment is that I STILL can wear those items years later when I have donated or replaced others from competing brands. Sure, I may have paid more up front but the longevity of the product, with proper care, far exceeds that expense.

The designs do speak for themselves. They are unique and interesting. You are not likely to see these anywhere else. In 2016, during the Chinese Year of the Monkey, they featured this design which I wore to my Star Wars Rebel Challenge later that year. This design is still available and is a popular item.

By far, my best selling point of this company is the sense of community it has created. One of the questions on my ambassador application was "Why are you interested in becoming an INKnBURN Ambassador?" I decded that it was best anwered if I shared this story: "I was running the Pittsburgh Marathon last year [2018] and as I was leaving the hotel, very unsure of where to go to find the start line, I saw two women wearing INKnBURN in front of me. I said hello, and after we all noticed that we were wearing the same brand, we started comparing our outfits. We hit it off as we walked to the race and ended up spending the day together [after the race] to do some sightseeing. I credit INKnBURN for meeting these two awesome women, Adrienne and Sarah".

Outside of the designs and wearability they are by far the most comfortable items I run in. I have had no chaffing from them at all. I do need to replace or swap my LUST capris only because I lost weight and need to have a tighter waist band. I like the pocket features on the front which are handy for your cell phone and if you get the right fit you will not feel that cell phone and it will not pull down your waist band.

So, if you are looking for a set of gear that will set you apart from the field and will last a long time please consider puschasing from INKnBURN. Also make sure to sign up for their newsletter for future dicounts and new design releases. They also currently have a few items on clearance so if you want to try them out and are unsure of what you are willing to put in as an investment that may be a good way to get started.

If you have any questions for me, please comments below or email me at therunwithk@gmail.com

Side note: This blog post will be featured on my product review page also so feel free to share if you like.




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