I was able to provide this honest review for Deep Creek PR. I was compensated with the product from HÆLEUM (https://haeleum.com/) seen below at no cost.


Run with Insect Shield®

“...effective, odorless protection against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.”

For more information on HÆLEUM's Insect Shield® visit this link:


The Review

I feel very fortunate to have been able to try out this product on a warm, muggy day in North, GA. I went to one of my favorite parks and was pleasantly surprised to not be hassled as much as I normally do by pests as I navigated through the wooded areas of the 2.5 mile loop. There is nothing worse than coming home after a nice run and having to deal with the irritation of mosquito bites. This tee seemed to help keep some of those pest at bay as I spent my normal 45 minutes running and hiking that day.

What You Need to Know About Sizing & Garment Care

“Whatever your usual size, size up!” - Karen

You will notice that most reviews online for this product will say the same. If you normally wear a small in a tech tee make sure that you go up one size to be more comfortable. I ordered my normal size and can attest that it was slightly shorter in my torso than I would prefer, though not uncomfortably so.

Also, you must not add fabric softener to your wash cycle when you wash this tech tee or it can alter the effectiveness of the Insect Shield® coating. You also do have a general limit on the number of times you can wash this tee and still have a safe level of protection from pests.

Other Important Details

Tested and proven Insect Shield® Repellent Technology is EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings - the expected lifetime of most garments.

  • 40+ UPF Sun Protection

  • Moisture Wicking 100% Natural Stretch DrýTru™ Polyester

  • Silky Smooth Hand

  • Wrinkle Free, Easy Care

  • 4.2 oz/140 GSM

  • S-XL > This Athletic Cut garment runs a bit small

Go ahead, #run free from those pests! Enjoy!

I will not receive any compensation from orders made by using the link above.


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