When Coffee and I Broke Up

A few months ago I went completely off coffee for about 40 days. The first few days I took that slow and just cut back my intake one cup at a time per day. I was drinking roughly 5-6 large cups (16 oz cup). Doing the math was not my favorite thing but when I added that all up it was way more than I thought. So, I began to "cleanse" myself of the habbit. For about a month I didn't drink any coffee at all.

With that said, I knew I would never give up coffee completely. I just changed how I felt about it. I think due to the stresses of my life at the time it became a crutch. It allowed me to not think for a few minutes as I went to the coffee machine each time to prepare my beverage. That walk was a few moments of "me time" that I could get in during a busy day. In fact the ongoing joke was whether or not I didn't have a cup of coffee in my hands at any given point of the day. I drank it morning, afternon, and late at night. it really didn't matter.

I should also mention here that I added a lot of cream and sugar to my coffee then too. Now, since I have tapered my intake, I no longer add sugar and only treat myself with cream once in awhile. At home I have been using Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. It is just enough to give me a bit of flavor if I need it. I never though I would drink coffee black but since I found the Chemex 6-Cup Glass Handle Series Coffeemaker and Chemex Pre Folded Circle Coffee Filter (100 Filters) thatchanged that for me too. Side note: It really is the filters that do wonders with making coffee this way.

My favorite coffee maker (other than my Kuerig) is perfect for apartment living since takes up very little counter space and makes a great cup of coffee - check out Chemex 6-Cup Glass Handle Series Coffeemaker on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you can have the filters and coffeemaker by Frday!

In spite of my temporary break-up with my favorite morning beverage, we now have a much healthier realtionship. As you can see from the graphic coffee is not bad for you.

It actually has a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. It is like anything though, moderation is key. Try to cut back the sugar and cream (do it slowly if you must) and watch what your triggers are for wanting coffee.

Data shown is curated by healthgrove.com and sourced from ESHA Research, Health Indicators Warehouse. Learn More - http://nutrition.healthgrove.com/l/16807/Coffee

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