What is being "strong" anyway?

I posted this on Facebook the other day when I was feeling particularly low about a lot going on in my life at the moment. I felt it was important to repost it here as well. -K

Someone asked me once how I became so "strong". I laughed. I don't even know what that even means. Shit happens and you try to keep your head above the line and not let the weight of it all feel like you can never get out from under it.

There are times though when all you want is a hug or a day out with a friend. A real honest to gosh "they get me" friend. AND TIME! God...Just that...time! To SEE them smile or laugh at something you said. Hell to make fun of your ass when you do something stupid. God knows I miss that. I do a lot of stupid things after all.

Real. Human. Interaction. Not the tech obsessed lives we all lead these days. If I didn't have this smartphone many of you would not even think twice. It's not mean to say that because look at your friends list and tell me....honestly....how many do you REALLY talk to? It's just how we live.

So, when you realize that you don't have those people around it is hard to let go of the idea of sharing those moments when you see a flicker of hope. You cling to it knowing deep down that time is one thing you won't be receiving. You try anyway.

Then, it suddenly feels like you can't breathe. That weight you so desperately tried to stay out from under comes crashing. You know that you have to start all over. Sadly if someone didn't have this to read, no one would never even know someone felt it at all.


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