What do you love to do for recovery time?#MoveMoreFitness #DoMoreOfWhatYouLove

Recently I was honored to be selected as an ambassador for Move More Fitness. Its aim is simple: encourage and inspire others to find their "fit". In a world of ever emerging fitness fads it can be tough for any of us to do. As an ambassador I hope to continue to share my journey with you so that perhaps you can find your "fit" through the things I am able to share with you.

To that end, part of this new endeavor is to particpate in monthly & weekly challenges. I am going to encourage you to comment below your answer to the blog question being posed this week "What do you love to do for recovery time?" #MoveMoreFitness #DoMoreOfWhatYouLove

For me recovery time (or "me" time) can change frequently. I can tell you that I love to read. Lately I have been trying to get back into journaling and writing but it has been slow going on those two. Reading, however, is something I am finding myself being drawn to most.

I am now enjoying books I know I already love, namely the Harry Potter series. I recall the numerous times I would but the books when they came out and grab my inner tube, hop in the pool, proping the book on its edge. I would just float around for hours. I never dropped a book in to the pool once. It was so relaxing. Even though I know the outcome to these books there is something comforting about being lost to that world once again. It brings me back to a time when things were less complicated.

My love for reading began as it did for many of us - as a kid. My family didn't have a lot of money so I never bought books. I just spent hours in the local free library scouring the shelves for something that I could just sink myself into. I would sit cross legged on the floor and can still easily recall that smell of the books that awaited me. Something lost in the digital age, sadly.

Back then I remember reading Charlotte's Web and crying for Charlotte. It was the first time I had that reaction to a story I read. As much as I still love that story still to this day, it was the Nancy Drew series that really did me in. I loved the fact that this was a young girl that showed strength and courage in the craziest of situations. She was wicked smart too. I really loved that about her. Still do.

There are times when reading is the only way for me to shut down my mind. It is something I cannot get from watching television. Most of the time when I watch television I will find my mind wander to the numerous things I need to do or should be doing. I find myself cleabing, doing dishes, etc. When I read I don't have that experience. I dont need to check Facebook or any social media really. I can totally escape. I just sit there, with my pup by my side, and just find my way into the story I am reading. It allow me the time to recover from all of the things that cause me stress or worry. Trust me, trying to find the motivation to continue training for races and to stay fit can sometimes be rather annoying. We all need a break from that every now in then. In fact it is essential that we allow ourselves that time.

Recovery time is both physcial and mental. I find reading allows the mental focus to take a step back, and the physical part is happy to come along for the ride. The trick is to not let yourself get so lost in the story that you are up until the wee hours of the night trying to find out what happens next. Although, there is something magical about when that happens to, sleep deprivation aside.

Recovery is as much about giving our minds a vacation from the trials of our lives as it is mending the physical stress we put our bodies trying to become more fit. Whether it is a good book or a favorite movie it is important to build in those periods of rest. Our bodies need it. Our hearts need it. Our soul often demands it.

With that, I hope you will find what makes yor recovery time enjoyable and please make sure to schedule that time in for yourself.

Have a great evening and if you feel like sharing your recovery tips, please do.



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