Week One: Training Recap #10YearsRunning

My weekly training posts will be relatively short. I think sharing these as a marathon newcomer is important to anyone considering running their first full marathon. Trust me, I still shake my head at this decision but in the end I know it will be a tremendous accomplishment and for me that will be my primary focus, no matter what my time or pace is on race day.

This first week was really just about establishing a routine which admittedly is easier when I am on winter break from work (one benefit of working for a state university system). When I head back this will pose a challenge for my training schedule but that is why I am sharing this all with you because like many, I have a 40 hour work week that has a rather long commute and a dog that I have to get home to.

Instead of busting my butt right out of the gate I started slow, well sort of. I kept my pace slow but consistent and just focused on a longer run. I began with a 6 mile run on the treadmill that was broken into a .40 mile run and a .10 mile walk until I hit that mile mark. In reality that mileage was probably not great idea but once I started it felt fantastic so I kept going. That is the thing that happens when you run, you feel good, the endorphins kick in and boom...you are off to the races.

Despite refueling when I got home, and taking supplements, I was still sore the next two days. Using the Galloway method for the remainder of my first week seemed like a better option. I did two 30 minute runs to finish out the week. For my first 30 minutes I did a 30 sec walk, 30 sec run just below race pace, 30 sec at race pace, and 30 sec above race pace. My normal race pace is anywhere from 11:30-12:30 min/mi (slower than many of you but I am working on it). My second 30 minute run was 2:00 min at or above race pace and 1:00 min walk. My second run ended up having a better overall pace and a better distance so that may be an interval I use going into next week. This was all without any strength training or cross training because my main concern was establishing a routine and a baseline of where I was this first week.

I feel really good about this process and look forward to week two. Today I did a shorter run then last week but again did a 2:00 run/1.00 walk and my legs felt good. I do get a slight tightness in my left hamstring even with warming up and cooling down so this week I will add in some training to build my strength back up in my legs and also adding in a solid core/arm workout as well. The gym is closed tomorrow for Christmas so I will do a workout at home and will add in some cardio, perhaps a short one mile run or another workout online.

Lastly, I have decided to run under Team Lemieux and will be actively fundraising for them over the next six months. To learn more visit my fundraising page and help me reach my goal of $1500 by race day! I believe in connecting fitness and community service so this partnership will be a major component to what I plan over the next few months.

Hydration - Nuun tablets

Fueling - Honey Stinger Organic Waffles Pre-Run

Other - Advocare Mass Impact Post Run, Nighttime Recovery

Shoes - Mizuno Wave Creation 16 (need a new pair soon)

Well that is week one in a nutshell. Onward to week two!

Karen Zehner is crowdrising for 2018 Team Lemieux - PGH Marathon - Mario Lemieux Foundation:https://www.crowdrise.com/mariolemieuxpitt2018/fundraiser/karenzehner

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