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As some of you know I am registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2023 (I ran it once prior in 2018). I am raising funds for the Gary Sinise Foundation which offers services and resources for active-duty personnel, veterans, and first responders. However, after attending the Pittsburgh Penguins for Military Appreciation night earlier this month I decided to attempt to add an additional beneficiary, the Pittsburgh Warriors.

Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey Mission Statement

"Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey is a 501(c)(3) organization of honorably discharged service members with a service-connected disability united around hockey and dedicated to provide a cathartic experience, promote physical and mental healing and growth as well as to enable team members to be even more productive members of society." [Website, accessed 11.22.22]

It did not take much for me to reach out to them and though I am still awaiting a response on some of what I proposed, I will still make a donation to their organization/team before May. I feel that in order to create a partnership with any beneficiary it is important to establish that relationship with them, so they know why I am relentlessly tagging them on social media while I fundraise. If you get a chance please check them out, it is amazing what this team is gearing up to do and I am excited to see what comes next for them.

Speaking of, those efforts will start soon but before then I will begin formal training for the marathon. My intent was to start before now, but as with anything it seems, things did not go as planned. However, sometime this weekend I will start a soft entry into things. It may come down to getting a gym membership since y apartment complex has the worst equipment. If you know that story about what else I am dealing with there, you know why everything else in my life, training included, has been less than ideal.

So be on the lookout for an uptick in posts from me starting now. I know things have been quiet, but that's all about to change.



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