The Draft Stopper

I recently had the opportunity to try this product by Everlasting Comfort. Their Draft Stopper fits under your door and helps to block heat, drafts, odors, dust, light, smoke and sound. It’s getting chilly here in GA at night and this draft stopper can help keep my home warm & toasty.

It was really easy to install and and has a lifetime replacement policy. A friend of mine saw my post on Facebook and commented that he uses his on his bathroom doors to keep his cats for kicking their toys underneath it. Genius idea for those pet parents out there.

Go to Amazon to purchase. ($16.95 at time of post)

Want to review this product and more for free?

Go to everlasting_comfort on IG and DM them. Just tell them the country that you reside in & that @Runwithk sent you. #ad #everlastingcomfort #compensated


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