The Difficulty in Being Authentic

I was sitting here reading through job postings (sigh) and it occurred to me that often during this process I have to decide what jobs to apply for not just based on my background but ones that I feel I am truly a good fit for. It is all about being authentic, true to myself. Yes, I need a job. Yes, money is that driving force behind each and every decision. However, I cannot give up hope on being in a place that fulfills me. If I do, then what the hell was all that pain, hurt and suffering for?

Instead of blindly applying for work I am trying to take a different approach. I set a schedule for myself. One day I  apply for part-time jobs near my home that will just get me through this crazy period of my life, the next I apply for those jobs I know are ones that will bring me a sense of self-satisfaction. Then I flip back the next day to applying to more part-time or remote jobs. Frankly it has been the only way that I do not cringe every time I sit down to the computer to look for work. I am trying to balance what I need with who I am and it is no easy task. 

When you look up the word authentic you learn that it means to be gen