Run With K's Holiday Gift Guide


For the Outdoor Enthusiast...

You do not need to be a runner or hiker to appreciate either of these items but if you do know someone that does enjoy their time in the outdoors these are a must add to your gift list. First is the women's convertible running gloves by TrailHeads. Now I know you must be thinking that these are only for women but I am sure that some gents may be interested as well. They do come in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large and at the time of this post they run about $35. Why do I love them? First, the finger portion folds over and ticks into itself on the backside of the glove. Second, the thumb is also able to be moved out the way and has a magnet on each side that holds it in place. Essentially, if you run or hike and need to access the touch screen on your devices you can and still keep your entire hand warm, or tuck both sections away and have full use of your fingers and thumbs as needed. Pure genius!

The second item by TrailHeads that I will feature is their ponytail hat. It really is a steal for anyone spending any quality time outdoors or at sporting events. Below is the graphic for this hat that outlines all the great features, With long hair, it can be difficult to find hats that wallow you to keep your hair up and out of the way but still keep the back of your neck cozy. This creative hat solves both issues and also is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also have ponytail cable knit hats and headbands that I think are super adorable too.

Disclaimer: These two items above (excluding the cable knit set) were provided to me for free in return for my honest review. I am including them in my gift guide because I do love both and feel strongly that they need to be on any gift list for those spending time outdoors this winter.

For Those Seeking Experiences....

"Explore outside your habits, Dive deeper into connection, and create meaningful memories. The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures. Create Memories."

For me, I also wanted to enjoy more time outside of work and away from home since I do work two days a week remotely. Getting out and about and doing new things is always a challenge but in the midst of a pandemic, it is far more difficult to push myself to do so. Enter the Adventure Challenge Book. Each book has 50 challenges that are hidden until you scratch them off, revealing your task. They come in a solo, couples, and family edition that help you to get out of your comfort zone and start living a life of adventure. You can even purchase an instant camera bundle that allows you to document your challenges with mini-polaroid pictures. [Prices for each book vary by selction]



For the cook in your household....

Wooden Spurtles

Cost at time of post - $8.88 USD (Set of 3)

Ever see one of those "As Seen for TV" commercials and ask yourself, "I wonder if those are on Amazon?" Well, I did when I saw the ad for these Wooden Spurtles. These long and stylish wooden spurtles are your classic wood spoon taken to the next level. Since they are wooden they won't damage your best pots and pans, but are so stylish you will want these out and about on your countertop. Honestly, they are your basic wooden utensils but the way they look and how they are able to get into those deep containers make these spurtles one of my favorite kitchen tools.

For the Gadget Lover.....

Leejie Candle Rechargeable USB Lighter

Don't even second guess this one, just buy it and thank me later."

Cost at time of post - $10.99 USD

I am all for devices that may help lessen our impact on the environment. This is one such item. It has a long handle and has a premium lithium-ion cell that can light hundreds of times and be continuously used for hours. The bottom of the lighter has an LED indicator lets you know if the lighter is in use or not & plugs into a standard USB port with it’s provided cord. It is flameless and it lights using an "arc" which is handy for those of you that are into the outdoors since it is nearly windproof. It lists that it is also moisture-proof but I would not submerge it or leave it in the elements for an extended period of time. Again, one of my favorite gadgets just because I am not wasting time and money on those butane lighters anymore.

A second gift guide will be published over the weekend and will feature items to add to your online shopping cart for Cyber Monday! Stay Tuned!


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