Remembering My Mother

My mom has been on my mind a lot these days. It is not something new really but happens more so when I seem to have big projects or questions to tackle. Lately, I have had quite a few of those happening all at once. 

If you knew my mom well, you were fortunate. I am, by some accounts, a lot like her and I take that now as a compliment. It was a little more difficult to do so as a teenager/young adult because we butted heads often. In retrospect that was likely because we were so similar. 

My mother did not have an easy go of things, but that was her story to tell and not mine. I can share with you that she was unwavering in her support of her kids. All five of us, with me as the youngest. She drove us crazy at times and she was as stubborn as they come once she was set on something. She wasn't perfect, and sometimes we as her children expected her to be, but in the end she had our back no matter what. 

It is because of her that I pace back and forth and yell profusely whenever I watch football and my team is performing badly. It is because of her that I fold my towels the same way she had. It is because of her that I hold open doors, that I smile at a passerby, and try to be kind to people who may not have been kind to me.  It is because of her that even when I am stressed, anxious, and crawled up next to my dog wishing for better days that I don't ever seem to give up completely - even if the social world interprets my actions or words to be evidence to the contrary. It is because of her that I felt able to to learn, to grow, to be whomever I was meant to me. Although though I am very much her daughter, she made sure I never  became anyone else but me. 

It is difficult to accurately portray my mother in a way that anyone who has not been lucky enough to know her would understand. That is why she is so special. Oh to be that complex and unique that when you leave this world people can never quite describe the void that your passing has created. Something I hope to do in my time here and why I write this blog. 

If you knew my mom, and have a funny story to tell, share it here or on my facebook page. I would love to read them. 

Mom, Me, and David

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