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Note: I purchased this product on Amazon independently and did not receive compensation for this post.

I hate packing. There I said it and it is out there for the world to read in black and white. I am simply terrible at deciding what I need in spite of my tendency to plan things out almost to the last letter. It is rather annoying to be honest.

When I received a gift card this Christmas for Amazon (thanks Mom and Dad Z.!) I knew I wanted to select things to make my life easier and considering that I had several trips and races planned in hte months ahead I looked for options to help make this process easier.

It was then that I found eBags after seeing an ad on Facebook. Intrigued I checked Amazon to see if the product was available and was happy to learn that my Prime membership was going to be of good use yet again. They have different sets and colors of the bags available but I settled on this set of 4 black bags.

The details of the set of 4 eBags I purchased at $31.49 as stated on Amazon.

  • Techlite Diamond Nylon

  • Incl. 1-ea Small 11x6.75x3, Med 13.75x9.75x3, Large 17.5x12.75x3.25 Classic; 1-ea Large 14x5x2.75 Slim

  • Interior seams fully finished for durability and soft mesh tops won't damage delicate fabrics

  • Guaranteed for life under the eBags Lifetime Warranty

  • eBags packing cubes make the best possible use of valuable space

  • Includes premium YKK zippers with corded pulls for a lifetime of opening and closing

This past weekend I used the bags to pack for my trip to the Star Wars Rebel Challenge in Disneyland. I used the largest bag to pack my running outfits and gear, the second largest was my running shoes, the smallest of bags was my socks, and the remaining bag (second smallest) was for my underwear and bras. The best part was that I did not have these items floating around in my suitcase. Everything was compact and tidy. I still overpacked but at least I knew that my running gear was all in one place and I did not have to hunt through my suitcase to find what I was looking for. Nor did I have to worry about losing smaller items like charging cables.

After my trip the bags were emptied and easily fit inside one another. Once I did this the bags lie fairly flat. I keep them in the suitcase I normally use so I can find them when needed.

If you are looking for something to help ease your travel packing woes, you may want to consider eBags as an affordable solution.


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