New Year, New Business Opportunity!

One Sunday evening, I listed to a zoom call about this new company and how unique its compensation plan was. I was interested but, as I told my friend Mel that night, I wanted to "sleep on it" till the next morning because to be frank, I had been down this road two times before. Not knowing I was feeling that way, she said “Ok, that’s fine but this team is growing crazy fast. If you can, jump in now."

So, I sat for a minute, looked over the compensation plan she sent again, and then it hit me. Did I ever really understand these crazy compensation plans before? This was simple, and easy to read/follow and it offered some great options as you move up in the business. I liked what those other companies offered, still do, but I didn’t fit in with them because the team wasn’t mine, it was someone else’s. Someone else was making the gains, and I never saw any financial or personal growth. I had the support from my friends, yes, but the plan wasn’t built for me to see any growth. I also kind of felt at times that I was on my own, with no real process to follow to help me grow my business.

That evening, I took the leap and felt that there was a reason that this came to me when it did and I decided to "trust the timing". I signed up that evening and have already brought a friend into this business along with me. That has never happened before. I was never able to help someone, the way Mel had for me, within such a short amount of time.

Here I am though, working on a second income with a health and wellness company that not only has one of the best compensation plans I have come across but offers personal financial coaching to their ambassadors. They not only want us to be profitable but they want to teach us how to manage our money better.

Being financially healthy has long been a goal of mine. I had started with credit counseling in May of 2018, but this will take that to a new level and it is one of my favorite aspects of this company. I will have access to one on one coaching to help me pay off my debt and start saving for a home and/or retirement.

The other aspect that I love is that I do not have to push any products on anyone. Yes, they do have high-quality hemp and non-hemp-based products but the best part of their business IS the business itself. Yes, I am trying them out. However, I do not need to push tons of products to see any progress. I know, it sounds impossible, but believe me, I am seeing it in action. It is truly amazing how fast this team has grown in just a few short weeks.

If you are interested in learning more, and hearing the information explained as well I had, please reach out to me at and I will send you the information to our next opportunity call. It is only 30 minutes of your time, and it just may change how you see your own future.


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