Natural Wood Decor & Other Cool Finds

Each place I have lived I have always tried to find ways to make it my own. I think most of us want a space that is warm and inviting but that brings us joy. For me, that often equates to having lots of "nerdy" things around. Over time, though, I have felt the need to add a bit more of the natural feel to my space. Perhaps it is the southern living invading my psyche, but I feel that these days, these items make my space feel just right.

Crofton Butcher Block Cutting Board & Spatula

I have been attracted to more earthy things, but with a slightly modern feel to them. I found this Crofton Chef's Collection Acacia chopping block/cutting board for $15 at Aldi. I have it on my countertop with just a piece of Rubbermaid shelving paper underneath for some stability since my counters are smooth. It is solid piece that is both gorgeous and sturdy. This thing will last a long time. I also picked up the spatula, by Crofton, during that same shopping trip for around $3.

It all goes very nicely with a previous Aldi find of this serving tray for around the same price point. If you are not scouring the housewares section of your local Aldi, you need to do so. There is some great stuff to be found there as we head into the holiday season.

I added to the tray and cutting board a sweet looking set of wood coasters for $5.99 that I found at TJ Maxx and ditched my old set made of glass. The wood coasters are a nice compliment to the cutting board and serving tray.

Set of 4 Wooden Coasters

On another trip, for a mere $3.99, I was able to add this adorable honey pot, complete with a bee hanging proudly from the honey dipper.

Cutest lil' Honey Pot!

It completes the look and I must say, I am in love with what I was able to do with a small amount of money.

What items have you purchased recently that have added depth to your space? What is is about them that spoke to you?



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