My Dog is a Hero

No, he didn't drag me from a burning building or call for help in Lassie-like fashion. It is far more complicated than that. Being separated with a divorce looming is nothing short of horrific for anyone to have to go through no matter how you got there. When I moved out there was no way I was leaving without Castle. For one, my soon to be ex-husband has a major aversion to all things poop and vomit, plus he was hardly ever home. Not the best environment for a pet to live in. Besides, the dog chose me from the very beginning of our relationship. I will explain what I mean.

Castle as a Baby

How has this little furball become my hero?

In the midst of some of my darkest days he offers snuggles and a kindness only a furkid could offer. Almost as if he knows that I need it most that day. Deep down I know he relies on me so in my mind I have no choice but to get out of bed every day, get dressed, look for a job that will make me happy, so that I am able to take care of what he needs. We are undoubtedly a team.

It is unconditional love at a time in my life when I sometimes feel that love is a word that people throw around just to sound good or for convienence. I know it is horrible to say that but there are days that I have felt that I have been lied to for years by someone I trusted, loved, and believed was my soulmate. Castle restored my faith in that word when I needed it most.

Even now, as I write this, he lovingly sits nearby snoozing away. He is never far from me. Almost as if he wants to say "You had my back then mom, and I have your back now".

Now that is love.


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