Long Before the Start Line #PGHMarathon #officialblogger

It is hard to explain what this whole experience of training for my first marathon has been like. I have been a nervous wreck the last 3 weeks because I feel like I am behind where I want to be right now. I have two epic long runs coming up and am finding it difficult to plan those miles without dying a slow death on a treadmill. That minor annoying issue, however, is not why I am writing today.

There has been a rather large shift in my thinking; about the race, myself, and where I want to be long after the race is over. It began months ago, on a night much like this one. I was wondering what life was going to be like a year into the future. Where was I going to be? Was I still going to struggle so much?

In reality I started out doing this because I was depressed about where my life was at the ti