Las Vegas 51s "Bark in the Park"

Since I was away last weekend for the Dark Side Challenge in Walt Disney World I made a promise to my pup (yes, he knows these things) that we would have two whole days of mommy and pup time after I got back. This past weekend I made good on that promise.

Saturday Castle and I went to the pet store to get his nails trimmed which was his least favorite part of this weekend but he does love a good car ride and he knows he gets a toy whenever he goes there (if he behaves). After we got that less than spectacular part of the weekend done we grabbed a toy and a bandanna to wear to our big day out on Sunday.

Sunday was also National Pet Parents Day so I was excited for us to spend some time together. The Las Vegas 51s were hosting "Bark in the Park" at their afternoon game against the Albuquerque Isotopes. This event allowed participants to bring their pups for a day out at a ballgame. Each pup received a free gift of treats, a ball, and some bags in case they had "business" to take care of.

After we grabbed our goodies we headed over to the Left Field Bern with all the other pups and their families. They had a few pools filled with fresh water, a few water bowls, and there was a few shady spots which Castle and I happily claimed one and settled in. Our friends Tracy, Jason and Cooper arrived not long after. Cooper looked especially handsome in his little outfit, don't you think? (see left)

The weather was picture perfect and though sunny there was a slight breeze now and then that made it very comfortable. By the 8th inning clouds covered the field and it was even cooler. Mother Nature provided a spectacular day for us and we couldn't have been happier. Cosmo came by our area twice and the first time he visited the big dogs went wild! The second time around Cosmo came close but some of the big dogs had left by then so perhaps Cosmo was less intimidating. Castle was pretty good all day. It is always a challenge on outings with a lot of dogs but he did really great. After we got home he had dinner and a bath and was out light a light for the rest of the evening.

Sadly the Las Vegas 51s lost the game by one run but I can safely say that for me and my pup this event at Cashman Field was a home run!

Pre-Game Selfie

Play Ball!

Enjoying Our Day Out

Out Like A Light

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