Karen, How Is Your Business Different?

People have so many opinions about network marketing. Rarely are they good opinions and often those are the loudest in the room. It’s hard for me to rise above those objections because often no one wants to hear the answers. They just want to jump into my mind space and say “No” before hearing me out. It’s frustrating but I understand why because I have been there myself. I get it.

One of the biggest things I hear is, “it’s a pyramid scheme“ or “ it must be a scam because that can never work”. Today, I decided to share with you why this company is so very DIFFERENT...⁣

In a pyramid scheme you have the people at the top benefitting from the people on the bottom. This means you never see the people at the bottom making more money than the people at the top. The leaders reap the benefits others have worked so hard for. ⁣

In our company, WE ARE A TEAM. We work as a team and we benefit as a team. This compensation plan allows us to build teams UNDER each other to help us all get where we want to be. We motivate each other, help each other out of our respective comfort zones and we build upon each other’s strengths.

We. Have. Each. Other’s. Backs.

We aren’t hiding anything from you by not posting specific details on social media. Oftentimes social media can be helpful to starting a business but in network marketing it often takes away the personal aspect that SHOULD exist when you are asking someone to link arms with you. Wouldn’t you want someone, a friend, to do just that? Keep it personal to you? I know that was important to me. You will get all of it, “the whole enchilada“ if you will. You just have to give us the time to share it.

I can’t change your mind about me or this business if you’re not willing to meet me halfway. If you are interested please let me share with you all the details and you can decide if it is a good time to begin. I’m here for you through every step.

I am looking for 5 people to share a very special personal call with this week, so if that is you please let me know. RSVP "YES" by text to (404) 913-2731‬ and include your name or email me at therunwithk@gmail.com and I will happily add you to my guest list. Also, bring a friend if you like too!


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