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APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN! Move More Fitness Ambassadors serve to encourage other to engage in a healthier lifestyle. We post exercises, exercise tips, motivational images, recipes, stress management and use ‪#‎movemorefitness‬ in our posts to show that we are a part of team Move More! Our motto is "Move More, Eat Healthy and Stress Less". Three areas that if done well will improve quality of life.

We encourage each other to keep moving even when we have days when we really don't want to. It isn't about being perfect though. It is about being a better version of yourself. That can be losing weight for some and worrying less for others. Whatever it may be for you, Move More Fitness can help motivate you to achieve your goals.

If you are into fitness and want to encourage others please join us and apply to become an Ambassador. Applications are now open and can be found here - Move More Fitness Ambassador Application

Once selected as a MMF Ambassador, you will receive the following:

  • MMF Goodies & Exclusive Deals

  • “Shout Outs” by Move More Fitness to help promote your pages, businesses, etc.

  • Opportunities to review programs and products. Compensation and/gifts may apply.

  • Opportunities to grow your brand and business

  • Free admission to Camp Move More.

  • Lots of support from the team.


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