It's the will of the people that we #FridayDance

MUSE - WILL OF THE PEOPLE [Official Music Video]

3,266,438 views Premiered Jun 1, 2022 WILL OF THE PEOPLE WILL OF THE PEOPLE - The new album - Out Now Studio: Frame48 ( Director: Tom Teller CG Supervisor & Lead Artist: Enrique De la Garza Muse Creative Director: Jesse Lee Stout Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Seth Josephson, Tom Teller CG Artists: Steven Lee, Stephanie Buschhorn, Isaac Zuren Assistant Editor: Michele Nagy FX Artist: Alvaro Moreira Animators: Paolo Cogliati, Matheus Caetano Rigger: Jarom Brand Character Artists: Mariano Ruiz Manzano, Isaac Olander Asset Artist: Juan Fer Bravo Compositors: Sai Prudhvi, Mahesh Kanneboina, Maryam Riahi, Sreedhar Krkumar Storyboard Artist: David Green Colorist: Bryan Smaller Sound Designer: Gerry Vazquez Performance Capture Athlete: Didi Alaoui Freerunning Facility: Tempest Freerunning Academy http://muse.mu #WillOfThePeople #OfficialVideo


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