Insane (But True) Things People Think About Running Races

1. Everyone Thinks It Should Be Cheap (I know you are LOL right now)

Most people think that all you need is a bargain basement pair of sneakers and you are good to go. There is some truth to that, at first. However, if you get into racing and want to develop into a more seasoned runner it is going to cost you. You need sneakers that actual fit your stride, underwear that doesn’t tear off your skin layer by layer, hydration packs, proper fueling and clothing that is both stylish and functional for every season. Then there are safety lights for those that run at night and special sneakers if you want to go “off-roading” and run trails. Oh darn, guess what? Those awesome sneakers you just bought have a definitive shelf life and it shortens each time you lace up. They are almost worse than cars depreciating after being driven off the lot for Christ’s sake.

If you decide to join the racing world, you start to discover that there are fees just to do something you do every other day for free. You happily pay these fees because there is no better feeling than crossing a finish line to cheers of people most of whom you have never met. It is like your version of being a professional football player walking back to the locker room after winning at home. You might even raise your hands in glory as you trot over the timing pad in victory.

If you enter a race that has a race tee or even better, a medal, you start to collect them like badges of honor. Rightfully so. You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in to earning those medals. Well, shoot, now you need to build a medal rack (Cha Ching, Cha Ching).