Holiday Gift Guide - My Top 3 Gifts for 2019

Allet Wallets and Passport Holders

This functional , and very slim wallet and passport holder is perfect for the runner who likes to travel to races either at home or internationally. Each are made in the US and many feature RFID blocking which helps prevent theft of your personal information.


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NUUN Hydration

Stay hydrated my friends! Grab yourself some NUUN Hydration for your upcoming races and training cycles. These tubes are small and portable and have zero issue with getting through security at the airport. My recommendation for those traveling, NUUN Immunity but any of their hydration products will provide you the electrolytes to help keep you at your best!

Tip - great to have on hand for post-holiday parties.

Link: (2019 Ambassador)


Ring Indoor Cam

I have one of these indoor cameras in my home and love it. I have a dog that I like to "check in on" from time to time using the Ring app. I perfer the security of knowing if there is any issue inside my home since I live solo. I often have Wag come to walk my dog if I am still at work & the camera gives me peace of mind in knowing that they are recorded should they enter the living area of my home (subscription required for recorded videos - see for pricing).



Other items you need to Check Out - Honeystinger Chews, Gels and Waffles and the Longzon 2-Pack Telescopic Metals Straws (they each come on a handy key-ring for traveling and are available in a variety of cool colors)


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