Let's toast to my division, Student Success, on #TheStateDay!

Why Donate to GSU?

Over 55% of Georgia State students are Pell-eligible, and over 70% have unmet financial need beyond their aid, loans, scholarships, and family contributions.

Collectively, the Student Success funds below help thousands of students each year by providing timely financial assistance that helps students (facing a financial shortfall) overcome barriers, maintain enrollment, and stay on course to graduation.

My donation went to the Food Pantry to help students that may need extra help staying healthy and happy!

  1. Panther Retention Grants: Mini-grants awarded to students to help cover relatively small balances of tuition and fees

  2. Emergency Assistance Grants: Financial assistance for basic household expenses (e.g., rent, childcare, transportation, etc.)

  3. The Food Pantry: Distribution of food and hygiene products to address hunger among GSU students and their families

  4. Collegiate Recovery Program Fund: Year-round programming for students facing addiction and substance abuse

Make a gift TODAY to support the college success of Georgia State students!


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