Transform your end of Summer blues into Fall adventures...

Often the change of seasons leads to a sense of loss as we move from one season to another. We leave behind warm summer nights. We will miss those days out at the park or lingering at the beach with a good book. Autumn does have its upside though. Today's post will focus on just a few adventures I will be hoping to experience here in Georgia this season.

Revisiting A Favorite

“Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.”

― Anonymous.”

Last year I made a few trips to Ball Ground, GA, to visit Feather's Edge Vineyards. Nestled against the nearby woods, this vineyard features an outdoor seating area, as well as the addition of an amphitheater. You can sit back and take in the cool breezes while sipping on a glass of their fantastic tasting wines while listening to live music that ranges across genres so there is something for everyone throughout the year. They also have an eclectic on-site shop and wine tasting room so make sure to pick up some goodies or a bottle of wine to enjoy at home later in the season. #winelover #winetime

Trying Something New

I have always wanted to go to an apple orchard and not only enjoy the scenery that autumn has to offer, but also enjoy some true apple picking. One place I have my eye on is B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard which is located in Ellijay, GA. They feature a "U-Pick" apple season, a petting zoon for the kids (or adults that love critters), and apple cider donuts. Go ahead and pass me some #donuts, please.

Slowing Down

If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?”

― Nanette Mathews

No matter what I do this fall, trying to slow things down a bit is going to be one of them. The summer tends to be a fast-paced, hectic time for me at work (I work in higher education. This fall season is a perfect time to make sure that I take time to rest and relax when I can. Work is always going to be busy, but now that we have settled into the semester, I am hoping that I can find time to recharge my batteries before things pick back up at the end of the term.

Get Back To Road Racing

It has been a long time since I have done a road race and I am looking forward to the virtual Boston Full Marathon this October, in spite of feeling very unprepared to run it. Even still, I will get my self-supported 26.2 miles in running/walking and will look for additional races this fall and winter to make sure I continue to add mileage in now that I have some more time. Throughout the summer I did visit Azalea Park in Roswell, GA, and will likely complete my marathon there. I also trained with some hiking/running at Leita Thompson Memorial Park which is also in Roswell, which definitely helped me feel like I was getting some good cross-training. It also has some great scenery and wildlife. I have seen several deer and a few owls while hiking there. #GetFit

Staying Safe

With the pandemic still a factor, please be sure to contact the locations in Georgia listed above, or any similar spots in your local area, to see what COVID-19 precautions they have in place. As always please be kind to the employees that are enforcing their stated precautionary measures. #BeKind


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