Bad Weather Race Survival Kit

With the Dark Side Challenge coming up in a few short weeks I have noticed a lot of runners panicking about what weather we may experience. Spring can be unpredictable anywhere but in Florida you really have no idea what to expect. Here are a few items on Amazon that may come in handy.

Mylar Thermal Blankets....keep you warm inn those early morning hours spent huddled in your corral or help you regulate body temp after a race. They come individually wrapped and are really easy to pack. They fit easily into a running belt too (depending on size of your pack) but at this price even if you have to ditch it you are still better off.


Garbage bags will work on race morning but if you get caught unaware of a sudden thunderstorm while visiting the park plan on pending some cash on a Disney poncho OR pick up these ahead of your trip. They come in a pack of ten, 5 different colors •2 Red •2 Blue •2 White •2 Yellow •2 Green. Perfect to Keep in Emergency Kit. I call the blue ones!



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