Sometimes you just have to stop and pick the apples

Yesterday I mentioned going apple picking as a fall adventure and thought to myself, "Why do I need to wait for another day to go?". Today's post is all about my trip to the B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard & R & A Orchards.

Hand Picking Apples

At about 12 pm today I decided to hop in my car and make the one-hour trip up to the orchard to see what all the apple picking fuss was about. I have always seen people do these things in movies, okay Hallmark movies I will admit, but now I know firsthand why people love this activity this time of year. Granted, I didn't meet my own Tyler Hynes among the apple trees but it was still a worthy trip.

A Must-Do Excursion

Orchards are a beautiful place.... Nothing beats the sensation of picking the first apple of the season.

- Charles Pratt

The orchard was beautiful. I enjoyed just slowly walking along the rows of apple trees and giggled at a few young kids trying so hard to reach up and pick apples on their own. They just didn't quite make it. A parent then stepped in, hoisted one young boy up, and he happily grabbed the apple and smiled. It was precious.

Go Early

Although I thoroughly enjoyed today's adventure I must tell you that if you wish to visit an orchard yourself you should try to get up and go early to go apple picking. I got to the orchard much later in the afternoon and it was a bit warmer than planned. Plus, it was definitely crowded at that time of the afternoon. I will give the staff of B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard five stars for getting the line taken care of fairly quickly. I didn't have to wait very long to get to the fun part - picking those apples. The entry fee was $5 USD (they did have credit card capability) and the apples were $10 for a 1/2 peck. I ended up with 13 apples total and was pleased with the ones I was able to find.

Take Time to Wander

Among the Apple Trees

“Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar.”


The main store for B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard was wicked crowded so I did not get to buy any apple cider donuts there which I had heard were to die for. Once back to my car, I decided to head home and perhaps visit a winery along the way. However, I passed R & A Orchards and on a whim pulled into their parking lot and went inside. It was far less crowded but still bustling with people. I luckily found the bin with the apple cider donuts and grabbed a pack ($7.00 USD). I must say, they are TO DIE FOR. I wish I had bought two packs, though my waistline is probably glad I didn't.

A Classic Old Truck

Be Inspired

Most may ask why I went so far all on my own and did an activity that most others would only do in a group. For me, it was just nice to be outside on a nice day. I was happy I went and did something I wanted to do for so long. I had a great time and was inspired to keep looking for more things like this to do in the coming weeks. If you can, whether with family, friends, or flying solo take time to go on a similar adventure and see if inspires you as it has me.



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