24 Hour Fitness and Rock Star Fitness Celebrity Cassey Ho to Launch Studio Class in Las Vegas Gyms

24 Hour Fitness and Cassey Ho have partnered to introduce POP Pilates into 24 Hour Fitness club markets, including Las Vegas this Spring. POP Pilates is an innovative Pilates-inspired program presenting a fusion of ab-chiseling, total-body-defining moves choreographed to everyone’s favorite Top 40 hits. The mat-based workout is for people of all ages and fitness levels as students flow from one exercise to the next while developing a solid core and lean, strong muscles. Lashaun Dale - Vice President, Programming & Creative, 24 Hour Fitness shares with us more detail on this joint venture and Cassey Ho describes how this challenging class may be exactly what you need to up the ante on your current fitness routine.

What inspired you to work with Cassey Ho to develop POP Pilates for 24 Hour Fitness?

Lashaun Dale: I have been following Cassey for a number of years and enjoyed watching her program and audience grow. It is impressive to see someone who can relate to the variety of challenges that women have when it comes to their bodies, eating and working out, and inspire them globally towards positive change. I love that she is a terrific and relatable role model. As I was looking for a new approach to Pilates, she was first choice to develop something accessible, challenging, fresh and fun.

What do you see as some key needs for people in terms of their workout?

Lashaun Dale: I think the most important piece of a workout is finding one that fees the body and moves the soul. The hardest part of any workout is getting to the class. It is SO easy to talk ourselves out of taking care of our bodies and carving out “me time”because of all of the distractions and real demands in our day to day life. This is why group classes are so valuable. They have a social element; there is a group energy that feeds you, along with music and a good coach or instructor who is dedicated to making sure you have a good experience from the beginning to the end of the class.

What are some considerations you keep in mind when developing or choosing fitness programming?

Lashaun Dale: Our workouts need to do “double duty.” The workout needs to deliver what it promises (a good sweat). The workout needs good leadership. The instructor or program designer must be willing to bring everything thy know and have to the program—life experience, health and fitness knowledge—to share it with the participants. This ensures that participants are moved emotionally and spiritually and, as a result, transformed by the investment of that precious hour of our day. And for the “extra credit,” if a class can be entertaining and educational and make me either laugh or learn or both, it’s a home run!

Tell me about POP Pilates? Can anyone do this exercise and benefit from it (from beginners to fitness pros)?

Cassey Ho: POP Pilates is for anyone! You don’t have to be a fitness professional, or have been practicing Pilates for years, to take a POP class. There are modifications for everything and the benefits are endless. The workout keeps your heart-rate up so you stay in the fat-burning zone, while strengthening and sculpting your entire body without any equipment. POP Pilates will tone your abs like crazy and you will have fun while doing it! It’s upbeat, ridiculously fun and you are guaranteed to leave sweating, smiling and SUPER SORE!

How did you create POP Pilates?

Cassey Ho: I have been doing Pilates since I was 16 years of age, and it has always been a huge part of my life. But it wasn’t until I posted my first Pilates YouTube video in 2009 when I knew I could make something special. I have also always loved pop music, so I thought, why not combine the two? The combination of Top 40 music, choreographed to Pilates exercises, is what makes POP Pilates different than any other group fitness class. It’s like a dance on the mat.

How did you come into the collaboration between 24 Hour Fitness and POP Pilates?

Cassey Ho: The YouTube audience and the popularity of the format online helped get the attention of 24 Hour Fitness and from there, we were able to form this amazing partnership!

Lashaun Dale is Vice President, Programming & Creative, 24 Hour Fitness. She is well known for discovering programs and their unique program creators, and forging relationships that lead to new programs and classes for 24 Hour Fitness.

Cassey Ho is an internationally renowned, award-winning fitness instructor, online personality, and creator of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 300 million video views and 2.9 million subscribers. She is the best-selling author of Hot Body Year Round.

Go to 24HourFitness.com to find the club and POP Pilates group exercise class near you.


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