24 before 42

Recently one of the bloggers I follow - Kitten A Go-Go - posted her 40 before 40 list. Feeling inspired (okay envious) of some of the things she wanted to accomplish before her birthday next June I decided to create my own. Having less than 6 months before my own birthday I felt 42 things might just be pushing it so I reverse the numbers and came up with the following 24 things I want to do before I turn 42 next year. This list is permanently located on my website and can be found here - 24 before 42

This list will be updated regularly as I complete each of the items.

  1. Attend a Comedy Show

  2. Attend a Comic Con

  3. Attend Local Sporting Event

  4. Attend more than 3 Concerts

  5. Attend Professional Sporting Event

  6. Complete 3 Half Marathons

  7. Do One Daredevil ThingThat Scares Me (skydive, zipline)

  8. Get a Tattoo

  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride or Festival

  10. Learn a New Skill

  11. Mammogram!

  12. Meet Another Actor On My Favorites List

  13. New Headshots for Website

  14. New Job :-)

  15. Painting Class

  16. Plan 2016 Trip to London

  17. Play Game of Lasertag

  18. See a Performance at the Smith Center

  19. Sign Up for Marathon

  20. Start my Stormtrooper Build for 501st Approval

  21. Start Writing Another Book

  22. Team Raises $2000 for Race for the Cure

  23. Travel to 2 US Cities/Locations I Have Not Been To

  24. Volunteer at a Race (other than Race for the Cure)


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