Pikes Peak - Colorado Springs, CO

The entrance to the Pikes Peak Highway entrance is approximately 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs on Highway 24. When the Zehner clan decided to make this trip the entry fee to this stretch of high way was $12 per person. The highway itself takes you through a picturesque view of one of the country's most famous mountain peaks. 


We had two cars of family members and it was a nice drive up to the peak. Along the way up you will see the Bigfoot crossing sign 

I recently (and begrudgingly) purchased a selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote and it was handy on the drive down from the top of the peak. I forgot I had it on the way up.


In town, it was about 80 degrees but it was significantly cooler at the top of the peak itself with a lot of snow remaining. The winds added an additional level of chill but we could escape the elements and enjoy the comfort of the heated gift shop. The peak itself sits at an elevation of 14, 115 feet.


We had a blast on this sightseeing excursion which we squeezed in amongst the family and wedding festivities which was our main purpose for being in Colorado Springs. If you find yourself here please make sure to add this to your must-do list. The views are amazing and you will not be disappointed. 


My Sister from Another Mister

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

- C.S. Lewis