Meals on the Run

By Joanna Sayago Golub

Everybody is on the go these days, and that includes during meal time.  The follow up to the RUNNER’S WORLD COOKBOOK, provides runners of all levels with healthy meals, snacks, sides and more that can be made in 30-minutes-or less. The book separates recipes into categories like: pre-run nutrition, mid-run fuel and post-run recovery.  Edited by former Runner’s World Nutrition Editor Joanna Sayago Golub with a foreword from two-time Olympian Kara Goucher, MEALS ON THE RUN provides quick, nutritious recipes for runners that don’t compromise on taste or quality. Sourced primarily from the most authoritative voice in running itself, Runner’s World magazine, the 150 recipes (with 75 beautiful photos) were vetted through the rigors of the Rodale Test Kitchen and are intended to maximize a runner’s performance and enhance nutritional benefits.


DISCLOSURE: I received one digital copy of this book for the purpose of my honest and fair review.


One of the hardest parts of living a healthier lifestyle is finding meals that are easy to make but aren't overly expensive to make when you gather the ingredients. It can also be challenging to find a recipe book that offers alternatives for those needing a vegan or gluten free option as well. That is where this book becomes one of your go to resources on finding recipes that are easy to make, under 30 minutes to prepare (in most cases) and can offer recipes for those needing certain dietary information readily accessible. 


I loved a few of the recipes in this book but have highlighted the Almond-Cherry Granola (seen right) because it is one I make quite often. Not only was it easy to make since I had all the ingredients on hand (just needed the wheat germ which was not hard to find at the grocery store) but it yielded enough that I can have some for quite awhile. I have also subsituted items like different fruit or nuts to suit my tastes.


If you are looking to add some new ideas to your menu planning this book may be one you will want to add to your kitchen shelf.






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