Life Hacks

Making life easier one duct tape roll at a time. 

Gerber Containers

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Okay, I will admit that I eat baby food. Well one item really, the organic apple sauce.  For one container they have about 90 calories and are super tasty and creamy. At $1-2 for a 2 pack it's cheap for me plus I get to reuse the containers. I linked to them on Amazon for you


Keep in mind these containers may or may not be recycable with your plastics depending on where you live. Hence this life hack. 


I reuse the containers in several ways. Here are a few:


  • small portion for jello gelatin or pudding

  • bobby pins

  • hair ties

  • endless amounts of safety pins (in families of four of course)

  • travel containers for pills

  • travel container for earrings and/or rings

  • snack containers for lunch or when hiking

  • freeze greek yogurt for use in smoothies

  • small game pieces for game boards

  • buttons from new shirts 

  • crafting supplies: beads, jewlery pieces

  • spices

Mascara Wand Repurposed

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The wand you see is from an Old Cover Girl mascara that has a plastic wand applicator. Simply wash in very warm water and soap and you are good to go. 


Separating lashes: For those days when you just rush too much and cannot get your mascara on right. Instead of adding more oop to your lashes use an old mascara wand and seperate the clumpy parts without undoing all your hard work. 


Tame flyaway hairs: For those little poofs that you find on your hairline.Just spray a bit of hairspray on wand and you have an instant way to tame those flyaway hairs!


Eyebrow brush: Helps to get those wiley eyebrows in line.

Olive Oil Bottle Soap Dispenser

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Here I have used an olive oil bottle and filled it with dish soap. I purchased the bottle for $5 at Bed, Bath and Beyond in 2007. Others retal anywhere from $5-10 on Amazon which I have linked to below. 


I tend to use less soap when doing dishes this way. The bottle of soap seen here ran me about $10 at the grocery store and lasted me about two years. I do use a dishwasher but tend to pre-wash a lot of items. There are quite a few items I cannot put in the dishwasher at all. 


Plus, it does look much better than having a bottle of dish soap just sitting on your counter. 

Picture Hanging Made Easier

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Saw this online several years ago and held on to it ever since. Works best with pictures, frames, or other items that have two hooks (one on each end) that need to be level and precise. 



String - I use gift wrap string since I have plenty around and it is cheap. 

Scotch Tape or Painter's Tape




  • Flip over frame.

  • Cut a piece of string the length of where each of the two holders are on the frame. Align each end so it’s centered on the hooks.

  • Using the tape, affix each side with tape. 

  • Remove string (with tape still on) and affix to wall.

  • The level can be used to make sure the string is level so that your picture will be too.

  • At each end of the string, drill in your holes/screws. I recommend the self anchoring screws I found at Target. 

  • Remove both string and tape from wall.

  • Hang your picture!

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