Hoover Dam 10K, 1/2 and Full Marathon, Las Vegas (2012)


I had the opportunity to volunteer for Calico Racing's Hoover Dam 10K, 1/2 and Full Marathon this past weekend. I arrived at 8 AM and it was cold and damp but luckily it was not drizzling anymore. I was prepared with lots of layers, as well as a few extra coats and a blanket in my car. To my surprise the sun began to peek out and I saw not one but two rainbows over the park. It was an awesome sight. Later on in the day it did warm up a bit so I was able to shed some layers. 


If you haven't volunteered for a race yet, as a runner I would encourage you to do so. Not only was it fun it was extremely rewarding. Being there to see every runner pass was remarkable, and I hope I helped make life a little easier for those on the course that day. 


Congrats to all the runners, especially my friends who ran the race!

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