Furry 5K

Distance - 5K

Unofficial Time -  39:53

Chip Time - TBD

Last year Castle and I ran this event with a few friends and their dogs and we were all pretty excited to do it again. Held at Sunset Park this event included some nice touches. I actuall got my regsitration through Groupon and was able to save a few dollars too. 


Registration fee includes: run registration for 1 human and 1 canine, commemorative finisher medal, t-shirt, race bib, run timing, picnic admission and VIP Pup Pack for one dog. 


Being the type to get to a race early, I was in and out of line for packet pickup in a breeze. Others that came later were not so lucky. My friend Anna-Lee had to wait quite a while and had to go back again when she realized that they missed putting a bib in her swag bag.


The registration and pickup table is one area that I think this race needs to improve on. There was 3-4 people at the desk but there was only two lines for pickup. I think they should have separated out the lines more not just half of the alphabet and have a completely separate table for just those race day registrants. As it was the race got off to a late start (about 30 minutes) because they had waited to get everyone through those lines. 


No national anthem was played though they did have an American Flag at the Start Line.  Not sure what to make of all that. The start lacked the normal pre-race prep talk I am accustomed to.


Once the race began it was typical race fare with trying to navigate away from the crowds. I lost Anna-Lee in the shuffle but knew she was going to take it easy where I wanted to see what I could do with the dog in tow. JP and Nikki had to pause at the Start when Sheiko had a mild seizure. Luckily he was okay and recovered quickly but naturally they took it easy with him. 

Castle did really good throughout this race. He did pull out fast on me but did not get distracted as much as he had with the last race I did with him. If I told him to focus he did. I was pretty happy about that. We hit a slight snag at the end of the race about .4 miles from the finish when he got hung up on another dog's leash as we attempted to pass them on their left side. That took a moment and a few Tango moves to get through but we were on our way shortly. No major delay. Since he pulled out fast he did slow down a lot at the end but still finished strong with a nice sprint to the finish line. He totally loved it! 


After the race we headed to the picnic area for a small treat of a hot dog and chips with a lemonade which was included this year with our registration. We took a walk through the vendors to see what they had and picked up a few treats for him and his sister Angel too. 


It was a pretty nice race today and I loved that I was able to do this with him. He really enoys running! Aside from the delay this was a great event for me and my furkid. He has been a big couch potatoe since then but I think we both deserved that today. 

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