Runner's Medal Display Rack


  • 18" Towel Bar - $30-40 at Target 

  • Shower Curtain Hooks  $7

I used brushed stainless steel for both the bar and hooks.

  • Python Glue

  • Piece of Wood from Lowe's.

Choose any length you wish as long as it extends past the towel bar.

  • Wood Stain.

Price varies but I used what was left from my coffee table project. 

  • Picture Hanging Kit - Heavy Duty $3.99

  • Under the Roof Deco Screws Small Pack $4.79. 

These are a must for hanging heavy items, they have a built in sturdy hanger anchor.



Metal Clips for Hanging Bibs (mine had magnets but they were glues on) - Target $3.59

Wood Knob (found mine on clearance at Target for $3)



1. Stain the wood piece and allow to dry. Minimally overnight but I am a weekend warrior so this was left for a few days before I went on to the next step.

2. Using the python glue attach the towel rod to the wood and weigh it down. I didn't use any of the screws in the pack for the rod except fpr the tiny screws that hold the center bar in the two side pieces.

Side note: Easy on the glue. It is strong and does tend to ooze as it dries. Once dried I sanded away any extra glue that emerged. 

3. Attached the metal clips for the bib and the knob for ribbons with the python glue. I added these items after I had the towel holder in place. Allow to dry overnight. 

4. Add the picture hangers (ones with the jagged teeth) to the back of the wood. Nail and/or glue in place. I did both on mine.

5. Using string from gift wrap to measure out the length from the two corners. Cut to size.

6. Using Scotch tape, attach the string to the wall. This will tell you exactly where to screw in your deco screws. 

7. Hang medal holder and use the shower curtain hooks to start displaying your bling. The Z you see is just a letter I purchased from Michael's that was stained it to match. 

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