Crate Coffee Table 

4 Wooden Crates

I went to Michael's and using their 40% coupon for each crate they came to just over $7 each. It took me some time to get all four so I just stained each one as I bought them. This gave them plenty of time to dry.



  • 12" x 9.75" x 18"

  • Wood crate

  • Made of pine

4 Casters

I purchased mine at Lowe's for about $4-5 each.


Wood Stain

Price Varies. I paid about $10 for mine. I purchased one that has sealant built into the stain. I did not put a top coat on my table. 


Large Square Piece of Plywood 

I lucked out and got mine at Lowe's for FREE. It was an odd piece from a previous cut. The nice guy at checkout gave it to me for free since it was marked as $.01. It also was the perfect size too so I didn't have to cut it down. 


Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive, Heavy Duty, Interior & Exterior 

Look for the type that works well with wood. We found ours at Lowe's for about $6





  1. I started by staining each of the boxes (inside and out). One they were fully dry we used the adhesive to attach them to together in the shape below and with the openings on the crates facing outward. 

  2. Once the adhesive was dry (after about two days just to be on the safe side) we attached the casters to the bottom of the plywood that we also stained the same color as the crates. 

  3. You can then attach the plywood with the newly fastened casters to the bottom of the crates using the same glue as before. Allow to dry. We then reinforced the bottom by careful nailing a few nails to hold the bottom in place. This allows the coffee table to be moved easily. \

  4. Time to accessorize! You can see in the picture the hole in the center. I have a battery operated candle inside that has an automatic on/off timer and some shells and stones from trips we have taken surrounding it. You can also fill it with holiday decorations, wine corks, etc. Since I have a dog I took a piece of glass from an old frame and used that to cover the top of the hole. 



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