No More Tangled Earbuds

I received a complimentary set of Cordkinz for the purposes of a review. Please note my disclosure policy on reviews. 

Cost: $9.99 for a pack of two sets 



● Protects your earbud wires from damage
● Helps to prevent excessive tangling while using or storing
● Choose from 11 assorted colors

● Works with most all brands of earbuds
● Comes with an easy to use installation tool



● Not all brands of headphones will work, thicker cording may be an issue in some cases
● Length of cord may forces you to splice a bit if you want to cover the bottom section after the earbuds "v" off to the end.



My initial thoughts were "Why would I need this?". Sure, the cords get tangled once in awhile but realistically I wasn't sure if this was something I would NEED to buy as a runner/gym goer. However, for the money they cost and how easy they went on, they do help prevent the cords from getting into a mangled mess. There is something to be said for a simple tool to use to correct a problem like this one. It may not be number one of a runners "must haves" but they are worth adding to your wish list.

"No more pulling tangled earbuds out of your pocket or bag!


With Cordskinz you can accessorize your look, protect your earbuds & enjoy a tangle-free experience every time!"






Updated my review to include this demonstration (11/18/15)

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