Coffee Cupping at Copper Coin

Location: 400 Chambers St, Woodstock GA 30188


Cost of event: FREE

On Saturday, January 5th I participated in my first coffee cupping. I learned about the event quite by accident, thanks to a Facebook ad I saw a few days beforehand. Since I love coffee I thought this would be a great way to spend my last Saturday morning before heading back to work after a 2 week break for the holidays. 


What is a coffee cupping? It is similar to a wine tasting. You are taught the proper way to sample different types of coffee roasts and discover, with any luck, the subtle nuances of each. It can also help you develop a better idea of what types of coffee you may prefer. 

A standard coffee cupping procedure involves deeply sniffing the coffee in bean and then again post-grind. Once brewed, you then are encouraged to loudly slurp the coffee so it spreads to the back of your tongue. I will say I over slurped a bit on one and had a tiny coughing fit. 


The slurping is necessary though since it allows the coffee taster to measure aspects of the coffee's taste, notes, acidity, and aftertaste. Often cuppers may attempt to identify the coffee's origin but Taylor, our barista, gave us the locations of our samples and a brief description of each. Taylor did challenge us to identify the different notes without looking at the sheets which was really tough. I did decide that I really like the Guatemalan Blend, IXLAMA, which subsequently was the brew I ordered when I first arrived and was waiting for the event. I ended up purchasing a bag of those beans before leaving. The coffee we tried was all from the Atlanta-based roaster, East Pole Coffee Co


Bonus: You get 10% off your purchase if you participated in the cupping and will receive a free cup of fresh coffee to take with you as well. 

I would recommend attending one of these events at Cooper Coin if you love coffee. They will also be starting a quarterly home brewing class which will have a small fee but will offer a more in-depth look at the proper way to brew coffee at home so that you get the perfect cup of coffee should you drip, cold brew, or pour over.  

Other Things I Love about Copper Coin:

You can choose a to go cup or a standard mug when you order. If you plan to sit and read or work in the store, which has a ton of seating, you can save the environment a bit and get yourself a ceramic mug. 

A variety of milk options, including coconut and almond milk. I ordered a drip brew with coconut and it was glorious!

They have their own community room for larger groups. 

Lots of bar seating by the window for prime people watching in Downtown Woodstock. 

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