Bubble Run, 2015

Website  - http://www.bubblerun.com/events/las-vegas

Cost - $20


If you know me and this page well you know that I am not one to write an overtly negative review about anything. I try to find the things I like and focus on those and offer a more healthy criticism of what I don't like. That said, this race review will likely be an exception. 


As a runner, I don't mind the novelty fun race one and awhile especially after coming off training. This year I had two back to back race weekends in January and February. So, when my friend Angela mentioned she was doing this race, I looked at the cost and for $20 and a morning of fun with a few friends I decided I was in. 


Packet pickup was the day before the race. If you were unfortunate enough to not be able to make the few hours that they set aside to do so, you were charged $5 at check-in just for the "convienence" of picking it up on race day. Lucky for me I was able to sign off Angela picking up mine. 


One focus of my ire was the start line. Herded like cattle into a fenced off corral, thousands waited 45 plus minutes for the race to begin. The port-o-potties were all the way by the actual start line so if you had to go you had two choices - use one of two potties off to the left side of the end of the corral that actually were for the members of the mobile plane group that uses space behind Sam Boyd Stadium OR jump that corral fencing and head to the start area. Not cool.


The other thing that bothered me immensely is that NO ONE gave any updates at all. No one walked by and told us there was a delay. There were no apologies for the wait. There certainly were no offers of water for those that may have needed it after standing in no shade on a unseasonably warm Vegas morning. 


Then, when we got to move, it was done by sections which I know they had not planned on. Hmm, if I was an RD perhaps expecting thousands to show may be we could have had people select corral times ahead of time? Might have helped with the backlog. 


Once we go to the start the less than thrilling MC tried his best to get the now annoyed corral of people hyped up. That was UNTIL he announced they were having "bubble technicalities". Talk about a buzz kill.  Almost an hour wait, and here we are being told that we may not see one damn bubble. Really dude?


The course itself was lousy but I figured that might occur since I have done races here before. There is a lot of gravel and repurposed road behind Sam Boyd Stadium. It can be managable if you are prepared for it. What I did not know was that the people at the Bubble Run advertised this as a stroller friendly event. No, no it is not. I am not event sure I would say kid friendly with how badly directed this race had been. I felt horrible for the guy that was in a wheelchair that we saw trying to make his way through this course. 


There was also a lack of volunteers on this entire race route. Outside of the water station I only saw two volunteers on the gravel area after the pink section. SHould someone get stuck or need help here there was not much support for them.


I only saw technical support at the bogs. I did not see any volunteers so that could account for the lack of crowd control at each of those areas. We did manage to get to the first bog, pink, but there were hundreds backed up here so we bypassed it and the green bog, and headed to blue. After running through it we just had enough of the annoyance of this event and left. A few splashes of bubbles hardly felt worth the trouble at this point.


My biggest slam against the race directors and management of this event is that they had deleted the numerous complaints of this event from their Facebook page. If you are that embarassed by what people have said than man up and say your apology, and fix it for those that were disappointed in what they were offered. Do not sweep their issues under the rug and ignore them. You disrespect your customers in doing so.


In a nutshell, I paid $20 for the race, $10 to park and only made it past one bog. Yeah, I will not be a repeat cusotmer for this event. 


This was one so-called fun run that was definitely anything but fun. My recommendation is if this race comes to town, skip it. I am sure if I posted this on their Facebook page or sent it to them it would be deleted and ignored. That is okay I will do the same when they email me to register for their event next year. 

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