Apera Performance Duffel

Compensation - I received one Apera Bag Performance Duffel in Black

Retail Price - $124

Website - www.aperabags.com


When I was approached a few months ago to receive and review one of these bags I jumped at the chance because until then, I had not had a real gym bag. At the time I was using a tote bag which was functional but awkward to use as it was too large for the lockers at my gym. I had checked out the website very briefly and liking what I saw I jumped at the chance to check this bag out.


It was love at first sight. Most bags claim to fit everything you need but this bag really did deliver.


Here are some features I really liked:

  1. The side pockets for shoes are awesome. On one side I put my running sneakers and the other flip flops for when I go swimming.

  2. The two top zipper pockets that hold my Ipod and earphones on one side, deodorant and lip balm on the other (easy access)

  3. The removable drawstring bag that is also anti-microbial as is the inside of the bag itself. Great for dirty clothes or my damp swim gear until I head home. There are PLENTY of inside pockets for items and TWO sdditional pockets for water bottles on the outside. 


I have liked a lot of running items that I have reviewed but this has been my favorite product so far. I am wildly possessive of it and will not leave in my car unattended. I am that protective of it. I would be crushed if I lost or damaged it. So.....It goes with me everywhere.


If you are looking for a great gym bag that is versatile, clean and helps keep your things organized then this is the bag you MUST have. 

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