Meet the face
behind the posts

There is no doubt that I am a quirky and complex person but most of us can say the same. I am a nerd by nature and love music, especially Nine Inch Nails. 

​My mom Sherrin passed away in 2008 after a short illness. I believe that this made me start trying to get healthier. Perhaps it was simply the powerlessness I felt at that time, but it still pushes me to continue to work on my fitness and overall health.

Christopher, a U.S. Army veteran passed away from lung cancer in May 2014. My brother David, a United States Air Force veteran, has been ill on and off for the last few years with a rare and debilitating disease called Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN).

My mom and my brothers Christopher and David were and continue to be my biggest inspirations.

I moved to Georgia in 2016 after some other major life changes. Some were good ones, others not so much. All of it brought me to a great place, both in location and with how I was to grow emotionally and professionally. 

I have been working in higher education for over 10 years and feel tremendous pride in what I do to help impact the students at my university.